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In this workstation, students will perform a series of testing procedures as part of an Energy Audit, including a blower test to check for air leaks in the building, and a heat loss test to determine insulation quality and efficiency. They will learn about techniques used to insulate and seal a structure to improve its efficiency and weather tightness, then will perform the hands-on tasks to correct the inefficiencies. As an exercise in deconstruction, students will then remove all insulation, putty, and caulk to return the workstation to a ready state for the next rotation.





  • 20 Hour Curriculum Package
  • STEM Based
  • Professional Tools of the Trade
  • Completely Equipped for 3 Class Periods


- Perform blower test to determine areas of air leakage
- Insulate and caulk a window frame
- Insulate and weatherstrip a door frame
- Seal openings around various fixtures
- Perform thermal test to compare heat loss from single pane window to that of double pane low-E window
- Measure, but and install insulation in walls
- Install weather stripping
- Remove single pane window
- Install new double glazed window



Safety glasses, #2 Phillips screwdriver, hook tool (to remove insulation), staple remover, remote thermometer, non-contact thermometer, tape measure, smoke generator, smoke fluid, gloves, dust mask, hard hat, caulk gun, removable caulk, utility knife, staple gun, staples, duct seal putty, heating unit, and blower.


Curriculum manual is provided in two three-ring binders, with pages contained in page protectors. Easy to follow step by step activities are highlighted using full color photographs. Once introduced to career related information (job description, education and training requirements, job prospects, and income ranges) the student begins a hands-on work experience, using professional tools of the trade to complete projects or tasks. Pre- and post-tests, worksheets, answer sheets, and instructors guide.

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